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I Am MORE reflects Africa

Africa Week 2020 showcased the youth of I Am M.O.R.E. (Making Ourselves Resilient Everyday) in late July 2020 as part of AW2020. Its Mission is to honor and empower People of African Descent by featuring our monumental histories and current initiatives to co-creating our inevitable #AfricaRising.

Objectives of the event: To inspire revolution by acknowledging who we are through creative expression and helping us remember our power and capabilities to create our world through personal and community revolutions. For this we will:

1. ENGAGE in vibrant panels designed to learn about and connect efforts of leveraging our creativity as means to protest and medicine to heal us.

2. EMPOWER our greater family to be our the authors to our truth and reclaim our own stories by creative expression and our activism.

3. EDUTAIN to learn the music and dances that were passed to us from our ancestors.

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