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Non-Profits.  Schools/Districts.  Community Organizations.  Parents.

Centering youth voice, our facilitators use culturally relevant, trauma-informed practices to help you learn how to better serve your communities.


Trauma-Informed Workshops

Trauma-Informed practices benefit everyone, even those who don't think they have experienced trauma.  It creates a space where individuals feel known and fully supported.  It  also helps them move toward resiliency and self-control, while increasing engagement.

Therapy Session

Listening Circles

Listening Circles and Restorative Practices are practical ways to deepen trust, build respect and resolve conflict, which can strengthen students' connections to adults and to other students.  It also repairs harm and restores ongoing relationships.


Mindfulness & Self Care

Mindfulness practices are effective for both young people and adults.  It increases focus, self-control, compassion and the ability to resolve conflict. We provide easy-to-adopt daily and experiential tools that help raise self-awareness and recharge your positive outlook.


Storytelling Performances

Our  youth are professional presenters who have been trained to reflect this critical revolutionary pedagogy of personal storytelling as a socially just, transformative teaching tool. Who better than youth to help adults understand what young people need?



We provide expert advice in equity- and research-based, Trauma-Informed practices, which is especially important if your site is interacting with youth of color.  We also recognize that no one has more knowledge about your organization than the people who work in it.  So, we will tap into existing wisdom, and then add our experience, theory, expertise and creativity to design a path toward  resiliency that is authentically yours.

Daily rate



We will train your group - using interactive, hands-on and arts-integration tools - on how to use our bite-sized and research-and trauma-Informed strategies to change the paradigm of your interactions with youth from "What is WRONG with you?" to "What happened to you - and how can I help?" We will help build the skills that will get you the results you want and the resiliency building

that all of our youth deserve.

Hourly rate



We will coach a small group of your employees to develop a Resilient Leadership Team who will create a productive pathway to leading your organization closer to becoming more Trauma Sensitive. We will help your  team create a purpose and vision statement, and develop step-by-step  benchmarks, Then, we will take them through a Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle of Change process that uses SMART goals, reflection and data analysis.

A set rate

"When the soul is understood and attended to, we can be liberated from hurry, preoccupation, unsatisfied desires and chronic discontent."

John Ortberg, author and blogger

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