S. Renee Mitchell, M.B.A.


Creative Revolutionist

Renee is the visionary and Principal Consultant for  I Am M.O.R.E.  (Making Other Resiliency Experiences) She is pursuing a doctorate  (2021)  in Trauma-Informed Practices from the University of Oregon, where she is also an  Assistant Clinical Professor of Practice.


A longtime youth advocate, performer, multimedia artist and award-winning  former journalist, Renee is hard to define and even harder to match her energy.  Her authentic effervescence will remind you of a unique combination of Oprah and Maya Angelou. 

Photo by  Elijah Hasan


Transforming PAIN into POWER

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Renee has spent her adult life transforming her emotional woundedness and trauma into empowering and artistic projects that help others find their voice and become resilient.  She didn't envision the I Am M.O.R.E.  initiative because she needed something else to do.  It was birthed in her soul because it is her passion, a path on the road to her destiny.  It is her deepest desire to creatively help others let go, gather up and move on

- with raised HOPE!!

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"When life hands you a broken heart, use the fragments of your deepest pain to create beautiful art."  ~ S. Renee Mitchell


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