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2020 UPDATE:

Rose is attending Portland State University on a full academic scholarship. Her dream job is to become an ethical computer hacker, to assure safety for all when they are online.



Rising Over



Watch me bloom.

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Rose Vue is not an only child. But from time to time, she wished she was. Growing up, she struggled with balancing her education with the daily contributions she was expected to make to her Hmong immigrant family, whose parents both worked around the clock.


As the oldest of eight children, two of whom have autism, Rose's household duties involved changing diapers, taking out the trash, bathing babies, tutoring, translating, washing dishes, cooking food and racing to even get to eat. Sleep was the sacrifice she made to take care of everyone else's needs. She had very little time for herself, and when she did, she did nothing but dream about a better future.


At one time, Rose felt like she was in a hole looking up at the light above. Now, thanks in part to I Am M.O.R.E., she is accessing her own will power, choosing resiliency and staying motivated, despite the obstacles. She is no longer a shy girl afraid of change. She is a young  woman striving for her big dreams of making a difference.

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