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2020 UPDATE:

Jeanette has finished her first year at Portland Community College.  A natural born leader, she wants to become a midwife, an entrepreneur and an empowerment speaker.



The Opportunity

to Shine

Has Arrived

I Am Enough.

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Jeanette Amisi Mmunga, formerly Tosha Kitungano, was  born into hardship and poverty in the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in Tanzania, Africa. For generations, her family had known only wars and running away from violence. They were called "wakimibizi," which means "runaways." Jeanette grew up fighting for her life against the powerful influences of witchcraft, and against starvation, malaria and sexual assault and abuse.

When her family moved to the United States, Jeanette was blown away by the multitude of opportunities available to her, including getting a free education, and the freedoms she could pursue that were not previously available to her. During the later part of the 2019-10 school year, she changed her name from Tosha to Jeanette as part of her own healing journey.


Jeanette, one of three youth co-founders of I Am M.O.R.E., was able to get multiple academic scholarships and is the first in her family to attend college.

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